$10 Free Bitcoin at CoinBase

Just click here, sign up, and you’ll get an extra $10 after the first $100 transaction comes into your account. In bitcoin.

Coinbase will allow you to purchase $100 with your debit card instantly, after verifying your basic information. The way it works is simple, but it does charge two small amounts for ownership verification. This means you will have to log into your bank account or text into your account to find out the two small charges Coinbase made into your account.

Screenshot of my account, copying the link where you can also refer your friends to join.

Once they place two small charges, you go back to Coinbase.com and enter them there. This will allow your weekly limit to reach $200. It may differ depending on your level of verification. Sometimes Coinbase adds an additional waiting time of 60 days to increase the weekly allowed maximum of instant purchase Bitcoin.

The currencies you can buy instantly using your debit card at Coinbase.com

Keep in mind you can also add your US Bank account, this will give you a great deal more in purchasing power. The only downside is they sometimes require a waiting period of up to 7 days to transfer the Bitcoin. Relying on old banking methods, which are not entirely guaranteed forces this on Coinbase. Your limits should be as high as $2,000 USD per week in purchasing power. I’m sure you can expand that with further verification, but here lies the challenge.

Exchanging more than $2,000 per week in Bitcoin is difficult at places like Coinbase. We will explore different ways you can acquire bitcoin at a faster rate without braking any laws.